With over 30 years of experience, Bonnie Ram can provide a range of services to help your project excel:

Project and Budget Management 
Bonnie is an accomplished senior level executive with a history of strategic visions and problem solving successes working within government, non-governmental organizations, and consulting businesses (both domestic and international). She has a solid record of accomplishments with an in-depth knowledge of program design and financial planning, personnel management, client relationships, and quality control and assurance for deliverables. Served as corporate officer with oversight of over $10 million annual revenues and 100 staff people with multiple federal and private clients. Between 1990-2010, she managed over $1.5 million annual budgets, senior staff oversight, production of high-profile reports (see publications) and subject matter expertise in energy supply, nuclear waste management, and environmental compliance.

Risk Analysis and Sustainability
Applying risk analysis to sustainability and other policy and scientific challenges will be a major priority in the coming years. Bonnie is making significant contributions in this new research area by better defining the link between risk-informed decision making and renewable energy deployments. Instead of calling for more information to address unknowns or data gaps, risk analysis allows decision makers to move forward under uncertainty while information is gathered. Also as Bonnie’s research shows, how you communicate this risk to stakeholders and interested parties is central to making balanced decisions.

Regulatory Analysis and Public Policy
Over 30 years experience in regulatory analyses of resources in the US, including local, state and federal law. Technical experiences range from compliance with individual regulations relating to water and air resources to quality assurance at a shipyard to public policies related to wind energy deployments on federal lands. Applying creative strategies while focused on program goals, Bonnie’s work has fostered a reduction in permitting timelines and led to streamlined solutions for potential areas of regulatory complexities.

Public Engagement
Almost always a major priority but rarely done well, Bonnie has taken the lead on public engagement strategies on a variety of fronts, including politically sensitive wind deployments on the Outer Continental Shelf and nuclear waste management across the US. Her realistic approach to public engagement emphasizes the need to communicate early and often even though involving stakeholders does not always lead to better or earlier decisions. Highly knowledgeable about historical efforts, particularly what works and what does not, she has played a pivotal role in various successful efforts and stakes out a national role as a consensus builder.

Intergovernmental Coordination
Bonnie has extensive experience working across government agencies to facilitate coordination and design new programs. As an experienced Washington leader, she has spearheaded several nationally significant public sector initiatives that led to new programs and collaborative efforts, including: Co-author of the first national report on renewable energy on federal lands The first Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Interior and the Department of Energy on offshore wind energy. Helping to orchestrate and fund the first scientific organization focused on bat conservation and wind turbine research.

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