Peer Reviewed Articles, Government Reports, and Technical Papers
Bonnie Ram is first author unless otherwise noted
Ram, B. “Assessing Integrated Risks of Offshore Wind Projects: Moving Towards Gigawatt-scale Deployments.” (2011). Wind Engineering. Volume 35. Number 2. Multi-Science Publishing.

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“Creating an Offshore Wind Industry in the United States: A Strategic Work Plan for the U.S. Department of Energy, Fiscal Years 2011- 2015”. (Draft chapter author with DOE Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program Staff). Public Document. August 2010.
Ram, B. “An Integrated Risk Framework for Gigawatt Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy: The Wind Energy Case Study,” April 2010. NREL Subcontractor Report (2009). NREL/SR-500-47129.
“20% Wind Energy by 2030, Meeting the Challenges, Proceedings; October 6-7, 2008”, Draft, December 15, 2008, (with L. Giles and W. Wallace),U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC.

“20% Wind Energy by 2030, U.S. Manufacturing Sector, Meeting Results; August 27/28, 2008”, Draft, November 15, 2008, (with L. Giles and W. Wallace), U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC.
20% Wind Energy by 2030: Increasing Wind Energy Contribution to U.S. Electricity Supply. May 2008, (Served as lead contractor, report editor, and co-manager (with Ed DeMeo from Renewable Energy Consulting Services) U.S Department of Energy, Washington, D.C.
W. Musial and B. Ram, 2007. “Large-Scale Offshore Wind Power in the United States: Technical Assessment of Opportunities and Barriers.” NREL Technical Report (NREL/TP-500-40745), National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO (internal copy only).
Musial, W and B. Ram. “Energy from Offshore Wind,” Paper for Ocean Technology Conference 2006, Received Certificate of Recognition for Best Paper, Houston, Texas, May 14, 2006.
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Offshore Wind Power: Critical Issues for Development and Deployment, International Energy Agency (IEA) Annex XXIII, with Walt Musial and Peter Hauge Madsen, for NREL, April 2004, (approved in May 2004, Chester, England).
Ram, B and N. Fall. "Bats and Wind Power Generation Technical Workshop Proceedings". Juno Beach, FL, under NREL subcontract for the DOE Office of Wind, February 2004.

“Environmental Statutes/Regulations Potentially Governing Offshore Siting of Wind Power Structures and Transmission lines”, with Jace Cuje, unpublished manuscript, for NREL and DOE. January 2003.
White House Report - In Response to the National Energy Policy Recommendations To Increase Renewable Energy Production on Federal Lands, (with Walter Cruikshank, Peter Goldman, & Lois Smith), DOE and the Department of the Interior, August 2002.

Ram, B. "Global Environmental Impacts of the Armed Forces," article in International Military and Defense Encyclopedia, (Col. Trevor N. Dupuy, USA (Ret.) Editor-in-Chief) Pergamon Brassey Press, London, 1995.

Selected National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Analyses & Documents
Internal DOE Memorandum. “NEPA Compliance and Power Marketing Administrations: Needed Regulatory Reforms.” Submitted to the DOE Office of Wind and NEPA Compliance Office. 2007.

“A Programmatic Approach to NEPA – In a Nutshell,” with Matt McMillen, White Paper for the DOE Office of Biomass Programs, December 2002.
“Strategic Planning for the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) Carbon Sequestration  Program --- NEPA Compliance and Public Awareness”, Internal White Paper and Presentation to senior managers at DOE’s NETL, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2002.

“Yolo County Bioreactor Landfill NEPA document Analysis” (memo to file), NETL, Pittsburgh, PA, February 2002.
Environmental Assessment for the Methane Energy and Agricultural Development, Port of Tillamook Bay, Dairy Digester Project, Tillamook County, Oregon, with Matt McMillen, Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, October 2001. (See
Biopower Co-firing Innovations Agreement for EPA’s Project XL, with Ray Costello, DOE Office of Biomass Programs, Final Draft, 2001.
“Environmental Issues and NEPA Compliance: Important Considerations for the Bioenergy Program,” with M. McMillen, Office of Biomass Programs, DOE, March, 12, 2001.

Cumulative Effects Chapter of the Brookhaven National Laboratory High Flux Beam Reactor EIS, with Mathew McMillen, Office of Nuclear Energy, DOE, Draft 2000.
Suffolk County Air National Guard Construction of a New Bulk Storage Facility Environmental Assessment, with K. Stroud and P. Miller. National Guard Bureau, Andrews AFB, MD. April 1993.

Suffolk County Air National Guard Land Transfer Environmental Baseline Survey, with K. Stroud. National Guard Bureau, Andrews AFB, MD. April 1993.
Tucson Air National Guard Aircraft Conversion Environmental Assessment, with B. Kemp.  National Guard Bureau, Andrews AFB, MD. August 1992.

Puerto Rico Air National Guard Aircraft Conversion Environmental Assessment, with B. Kemp.  National Guard Bureau, Andrews AFB, MD. September 1992.
Construction of Camp Ashland Major Training Area Environmental Assessment with B. Kemp.  National Guard Bureau, Andrews AFB, MD. September 1992.

Basewide Environmental Assessment for Fort Detrick, with B. Kemp. DoD, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland. January 1991.
Environmental Assessment for Biological R&D Laboratory Leased Facility, with Dr. Carol Linden.  U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, DoD, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD. April 1990.


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